Umrah Executive Package - December Special

Embark on a spiritual journey this December with our exclusive Umrah Executive Package. Fly hassle-free with a direct non-stop flight and experience the sacred rituals with the added bonus of Taif Ziyarat.

  • Package Details:
  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Flight: Direct non-stop
  • Visa: Inclusive, with insurance
  • Accommodation:
  • Makkah Hotel: AL Olayan Golden (5 min walkable distance from Haram Sharif)
  • Madina: Jawaharat Al Rasheed (5 min walkable distance/Similar)
  • Dining: Buffet-style Executive Dining

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Umrah Packages 2023-24

  • Rs. 89,000/-(Including GST)

Premium package

  • imgMakkah Hotel - Al Olayan Golden

    (300mtr 5min Walkable)

  • imgMadina - Jawaharat Al Rasheed

    (300mtr 5min Walkable Distance / Similar)

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    • img

    • Rs. 99,000/- (Including GST)

    Premium package

  • imgMakkah Hotel- Al Olayan Golden

    (5min walkable distance from Haram Sharif)

  • imgMadina - Jawaharat Al Rasheed

    (5 min walkable distance /Similar)

    • img
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